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Caldwell Residence


Houston, Texas

In a neighborhood they have lived in for their entire 50 year marriage, on a 6000 sf corner lot facing a busy pedestrian thoroughfare, a couple in their late 70's decided to put down new roots in a home designed for the rest of their days. Light, health, durability and sustainability goals commingled with the desire to create a place for extended family and community connectivity. In addition, the house needed to accommodate the client's extensive collection of American antiques and generations of inherited decorative objects.

100% deconstruction of the existing cottage and garage, community resources and connectivity, vent skin construction, high eciency mechanical systems, the use of local, regional and no-VOC materials, native plantings, rain water collection, and solar panels with a battery backup system for hurricane outages contributed to LEED Gold certication, allowing the client the peace of mind of a healthy home with low maintenance and low energy bills for the long term.

Photography: Claudia Casbarian

LEED Gold Certified